Our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

This is where we implement our fourth industrial revolution solutions (4iR) through our below strategic partner that work with us to ensure we increase on the saving and value on their digital transformation investments. We have partnered with the below as they drive savings continually, create new jobs of the future and are committed to transforming lives.

The number one cloud provider that is committed to continual saving, cost reduction, excellence, transformation and long term relationships where both the customers and AWS realize value for every investment.

  • We specialize in cloud         migrations
  • SAP, Microsoft & Oracle  on AWS
  • Database Migrations
  • Process Mining
  • Cloud optimization cost    reductions
  • AWS Campaign

A household name, where can you go without google now…They are the number one data management company in the world with the key being about making the lives of people easier.

The number one robotic process automation (rpa) and leading in automations including testing and document understanding. They have realized that the jobs of the future will rely on technology and are leading on this journey while saving customers from mundane jobs to new jobs that are more are more about humanity and insight.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Process Automations
  • Process Mining
  • SAP, Oracle & Microsoft Automations
  • Testing Automation
  • Document Understanding

The specialist in process mapping and mining, their formation comes from the word Software which is key to ensuring customers continually improve their processes and integrations to multiple systems.

  • Aris Process Mining & Mapping
  • WebMethods Integration
  • SAP process mapping and optimization

As automation is being implemented, document management is key from tracking every single document and removing paperwork with introductions of forms that comply with legislative requirements including POPIA, GDPIR…and more.

  • Document Management
  • Invoice Automation
  • SAP & Oracle document process management
  • Microfocus testing
  • Microfocus CyberRes for cyber security


From Application Delivery with accelerated modernisation of business applications to IT operations simplifications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to CyberRes for cyber security and simplified backup and recovery solutions.

A fit-for-purpose service desk solution with integrated asset management, designed to let you focus on supporting your organization without arduous implementations.

Service Desk

Easy-to-use request and incident management software focused on problem solving and time saving management.


ITAM solution that allows you to manage, control and protect your organization’s IT assets.


Discover and centralize everything you need to know about physical, virtual and cloud assets on the same platform.