Pax Divitiae works with clients in all areas of software, cloud and hardware Implementation management. We cover the process from scope definitions, contract negotiations, cost and time management. 

Common challenges in scope discussions are that most customers know what they want but they don’t speak the same language with the vendor or implementation partner.

We become that much needed bridge to ensuring that you as a customer are protected and manage the process as you implement. This also applies In the case of upgrades, which can bring along with them complete dynamic impact on change management. Our value is knowing the unknowns and having a market
understanding of what is possible and not.


  • Compliance: Having an expert in the field who can anticipate possible challenges
  • Programme/Project Management Support: We advise you on how to ensure that we are still meeting the business needs and can deliver quality while ensuring
    that it is at an optimum price ratio.
  • Knowledge transfer and training: We help your team become experts with direction of where to source the information and what is available from OEM’s as well. There are a vast amount of assets that you can tap into as a customer and need to know this to reduce your costs.
  • Cost optimization: No need for unnecessary customization, we help to advise on the best standard process with minimum impact to business
  • Contract optimization: We analyze and evaluate contracts to ensure that you know what you are signing up for.
  • Advisory: We help you to understand your options and the financial implications.
  • Negotiation: We benchmark offers and share market knowledge on trends and business practices.