The Archibus Facility Management System is an agencywide system used to manage real property information and processes, including a comprehensive asset inventory, space planning and management, lease administration and preventive maintenance. Automate reservations and services to elevate the employee experience and track the needs of your workers.

Archibus offers the following Products:
1. Cloud
2. Capital Projects
3. Building Operations
4. Portfolio Management
5. Asset Management
6. Workplace Services
7. Space Planning and Management
8. Sustainability and Risk Management
9. Extensions and Framework
10. HEMIS (SA) – Workplace
11. Fleet (SA) – Performance
12. Complimentary Products:
– Serraview
– Space IQ

The solutions offered by Archibus are vast however the primary goal reported by corporate real estate professionals when polled
is to improve the accuracy of their space and workplace data.

Industry leaders are waking up to the fact that most office space sits empty at any given moment, and the statistics are much worse when you isolate meeting rooms and private

Wasted space means wasting resources that should be reinvested in growing your business. Archibus Cloud tracks everything to ensure that your workplace planning aligns with the actual needs of your workforce.

Be More Effective in the Cloud Data-driven insight on workplace performance Seamless updates with every new innovation simplified workflow that standardizes best practices Rapid time-to-value for early ROI