Our Company

Pax Divitiae is a leading independent provider of: advisory consulting services on software licensing, cloud, hardware, software audits, audit defence, executive implementation support service and/or integration services and contract negotiations. We are an ICT innovations company focusing on 4iR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) solutions around the value of an asset.

In a nutshell we are an IT Service and Asset Management and 4iR Innovative solutions company. 

We started our company on the back of software advisory services which lead us to look into all IT assets, including physical assets, through also our partnership with Invgate for IT Service and Asset Management Solutions. These partnerships created a need as we help customers with their IT asset management. It is imperative to also provide them with innovative solutions that address their challenges with either their current vendors, problem or niche value they are trying to create. We then formed an innovations hub division where our 4iR solutions and delivery thereof reside.

Some of the technology solutions in our Innovation Hub business unit are Google Workspace, Google Cloud, UiPath for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Microfocus Testing Suite & CyberRes, Software AG while applications are Archibus, Appello and Capital Banking Solutions.

Another developing new division of our business provides multimedia assistance and nurtures the business’s online presence through quality content creation, strategic communication and social media management including sentiment analysis.

These new blends of services allow us to assist businesses streamline from their IT asset Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reductions then use those savings to create new value streams through our partner’s solutions and platforms while managing their data to harvest value from it… As they say ”Data is the new gold”.

The new strategy provides us an opportunity to create the much needed jobs in the country as we invest most of our earnings in growing and building a skilled workforce in the country. Most of the technologies we use are fairly new to the market and provide us with an opportunity to hire graduates and train them on the “New” technologies and build the experience that is required for the future. We have taken the approach that we need to be the change we need in the country to address the unemployment rate- it starts with us.                                                                                                                                                        

We are about making a meaningful impact in the communities where we operate and beyond, thus giving back and improving lives is central to what we do daily. 



If you answered yes to any of the above questions, call us to assist you save on both cost and time as well as ensure you have the right product sets!