ApPello Digital Core Banking System (CBS) is an open and unified core banking solution for optimizing the back-office processes to be more efficient. The heart of the solution: Current account maintenance, Saving accounts and Loan account management is complemented by ApPello Digital Lending Platform (Loan risk and process management) and various third party solutions.

The solution is scalable to fit your business requirements across retail, SME and large corporate clients. ApPello offers it’s Digital Core Banking both as SaaS and as on premise solutions. The solution is cloud agnostic and can leverage AWS, Azure or Google Cloud’s native technologies.

The ApPello Core Banking (CBS) solution offers advanced front- and back-end capabilities, flexible features and services ecosystem. ApPello’s CBS incorporates broad set of functionalities. This standalone solution caters for client and partner’s data, current accounts, multi-currency accounts and interest bearing accounts, savings and overdraft.

The CBS is pre-integrated ApPello Digital Lending Platform – Onboarding and Lending Portal, Loan Origination, Decision Engine, Loan Management, Collateral Management and Debt Collections Systems to provide a complete f ront to back solution.

The benefits of the ApPello CBS are the following:
1. Flexibilty
2. Scalability
3. Agility
4. Cost reductions
5. Short time-to-market
6. Great customer relations.